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21st Century Academy
Gary Middle College
NGIN 7-12
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Geo Prep Academy Greater Baton Rouge
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Geo Prep Baker A Geo Academy
Geo Next Generation High School Baton Rouge


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THE GEO ACADEMIES MISSION is to EMPOWER students to ACCELERATE their academic pathways to ADVANCE their social mobility and ACHIEVE their career and life-long goals.


Part of the national Network of GEO Academies. GEO Next Generation Academy is a free, public charter school serving K-12.

The GEO Academies Model

GEO's model is a student-centered, content-rich K-12 education model that provides a personalized and competency-based approach to learning necessary to close achievement gaps beginning in elementary schools, ensuring middle school students are on at least high school grade level by the summer before 9th grade, and ultimately preparing students to begin college coursework on college campuses as early as 9th grade. 

Student Success Stories

Sakiya Walter

Class of 2023 | 34 credits


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Student Success Stories

Clinton Simmons

Class of 2023 | 30 credits

University of Indianapolis Bound 

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Student Success Stories

Esther Jean

Class of 2023 | 30 credits

University of South Florida Bound

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Now Enrolling K-12

for the 2024-2025 School Year.


College Immersion Program


Our College Immersion Program is a hyper-personalized dual enrollment program where high school students take COLLEGE CLASSES ON THE COLLEGE CAMPUS BEGINNING AS EARLY AS THE NINTH GRADE. GEO pays for everything and provides academic, social, and emotional support so that students learn real-life skills and develop the confidence necessary to earn poverty-busting degrees by the time they graduate from high school.

School Snapshot

GEO Next Generation Academy opened in the fall of 2020 serving 9th – 12th grades, adding 7th & 8th grade in 2023. Indiana Black Expo's former President, Tanya Mckinzie is a major reason GEO Next Generation High School Indianapolis was opened.  Hearing about GEO’s highly successful 21st Century Charter School in Gary prompted her to visit Gary in 2019. During the visit, she witnessed 50% of the students going to real college courses at Ivy Tech, IUN and Purdue NW, many earning associate degrees and career certifications before graduating. 

University Partners

“All Roads Lead to College”